Heat Pump Unichiller

The UniChiller RC heat pump system is the latest innovation in home comfort from Unico System, Inc. It uses water as it’s medium and will provide low cost heat for your hydronic in floor heating, as well as your baseboard heating and hot water for your home.

Features: reverse cycle operation, quiet; side fan discharge system, sealed refrigerant system, stainless steel pump, low maintenance, minimal footprint

The UniChiller RC is more efficient than conventional systems and similarly priced heat pumps. UniChiller illustrates Unico’s green credentials and offers you a COP (coefficient of performance) of a remarkable 3.0 or better under normal operating circumstances. This means that for every dollar spent on energy to run the system you get $3 worth of heating for your home. Consequently, the installation pays for itself and its long life with low maintenance means that UniChiller can payback several times. The use of a heat pump will provide you will a return on your investment by paying for itself in about 5 years and continue to provide savings over the years to pay back your entire heating system investment.

UniChiller is installed outside and comes fully charged for life with a sealed refrigerant circuit. All hazardous gases are kept away from the building and installation . Only water is pumped to and from the building for a safe and simple operation. The side-venting design and careful attention to detail ensures long, trouble-free life. The pump is made from stainless steel, fans are swept for low noise and efficiency and weathering is kept to a minimum. No maintenance is necessary for the refrigeration circuit and all components are mounted for easy access in a small-footprint system box. The life expectancy of the UniChiller RC is about 20-25 years.