Why buy a heat pump in Victoria BC

Common Climate:

Victoria has a Sub-Mediterranean type of climate, with mild, rainy winters and cool, dry summers. Daily temperatures rise above 30°C on an average of only one day per year and fall below -5°C on an average of only 2 nights per year.

Average Temperature:

During the winter, the average daily high and low temperatures are 8.2°C and 3.6°C, respectively. The summer months are equally mild, with an average high temperature of 19.6 °C and low of 11.3°C.

Heat Pump Benefits:

Victoria area’s climate is such that Air Source Heat Pumps can provide 90% or better of the heating requirements in a typical year at a very nominal cost per day with the remaining heating requirements of 10% or less met with back up heat such as an electric, gas or oil furnace. The heat pump can also be used to air condition your home for those rare uncomfortably hot days